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Acquisition Integration Via Simulation-based Seminar

From a recent press release, an interesting approach to training managers how to manage acquisition integration:

Tata Interactive Systems launches a simulation-based seminar solution to enable successful mergers

Many M&A executives recognise the importance of the ‘soft’ aspects of the integration process – aspects that deal with communications, organisational cultures and structures and so on. Yet too many companies are under-prepared to deal with these aspects of an acquisition.

To help combat this, TIS has extended the range of its TOPSIM® workshops to address specific postmerger integration (PMI) issues. These PMI workshops guide participants through a series of post-merger scenarios, posing particular challenges in the areas of integration planning, expectation setting, organisational culture and communication.

Manoj Kutty, TIS’s president, simulations, commented: “TOPSIM is a management development simulation that was developed over 25 years ago and is now used by over 100 companies and 400 universities worldwide. TOPSIM simulations, deployed in a blended workshop setting, offer the participant an in-depth understanding of functional skills along with managing the business operations within an industry such as banking, insurance, retail, and pharmaceuticals.

“It’s about learning business by doing business – and, where the PMI workshops are concerned, providing a critical learning path for business integration managers.”

Read the full press release

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