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Post Merger Job Selection: Who Stays?

Asked by a member on LinkedIn: How can you determine who should stay and who should go in a merger or downsizing?

“I think I’ll have to take a contrarian view because the approach is in fact the same when making talent decisions related to either post-merger integration or downsizing. In both cases you want to begin by crafting a vision of the go-forward organization. As you develop that vision, you will want to define the skills, organizational culture, product know-how, and other attributes that will be necessary to help the company thrive. Armed with a roadmap—vision and planned operating model– you are ready to perform a gap analysis. Who in the organization (or who from each of the legacy companies in a merger) possesses the attributes that will be critical to success? If there are still some holes, perhaps critical skills not represented, then the question is who can be trained or developed? By identifying and focusing on defined attributes, you take the step toward making the talent decisions based on fact-based assessments.”

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