Mergers and Acquisitions with a focus on merger integration

Keep your options open with loosely coupled deal integration

It’s a chief development officer’s nightmare: complete a costly, complex, lengthy and emotionally challenging integration
of a major acquisition, only to have the board decide to sell (or shutter) the operation after a few months of further study.
Sadly, technology industry business strategy is evolving so fast nowadays that this nightmare scenario is increasingly likely.

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Maintain Strategic Flexibility [PDF]

Handicapping Deal Success

M&A consultant Dean McCauley predicts the likely success of three mega-deals by comparing the intent of the deal with the integration strategy. Beware when these are not aligned.

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Can Acquisitions Pay Off?

Extensive research by M&A consultant Dean McCauley reveals that by building a repeatable process based on best practices, companies can turn serial acquisitions into a dependable, successful source of growth.

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M&A: Executing the Merger

CNET Networks has launched a new business channel, BNET. On the website they present a 3-part video series on managing mergers and acquisitions. Merger integration consultant Steven Ramirez, Managing Partner at consultancy Beyond the Arc, covers the Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in managing integration.

Index to CNN Coverage of Mergers

Great interactive chart linking CNN reports on the largest deals done in 2007:

Excerpt: FCC Approves $24.7B Acquisition of Alltel

FCC Approves $24.7B Acquisition of Alltel


The agency’s vote clears ways for the private equity buyout of the nation’s fifth-largest cellular carrier.

The Federal Communications Commission is approving the $24.7 billion private equity buyout of Alltel, the nation’s fifth-largest cellular carrier. With the approval handed down Oct. 26, Alltel expects to close the $71.50 per share deal by the end of November.

The FCC ruling determined that the acquisition would not result in competitive harm and that the additional capital provided by Atlantis Holdings would allow the company to acquire additional spectrum to expand its network. Atlantis is a holding company controlled by the principals of TPG Capital and The Goldman Sachs Group.

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FCC federal government approves $24.7B acquisition of Alltel


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