Mergers and Acquisitions with a focus on merger integration

Keep your options open with loosely coupled deal integration

It’s a chief development officer’s nightmare: complete a costly, complex, lengthy and emotionally challenging integration
of a major acquisition, only to have the board decide to sell (or shutter) the operation after a few months of further study.
Sadly, technology industry business strategy is evolving so fast nowadays that this nightmare scenario is increasingly likely.

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Maintain Strategic Flexibility [PDF]

M&A: Executing the Merger

CNET Networks has launched a new business channel, BNET. On the website they present a 3-part video series on managing mergers and acquisitions. Merger integration consultant Steven Ramirez, Managing Partner at consultancy Beyond the Arc, covers the Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in managing integration.

Acquisition Integration Via Simulation-based Seminar

From a recent press release, an interesting approach to training managers how to manage acquisition integration:

Tata Interactive Systems launches a simulation-based seminar solution to enable successful mergers

Many M&A executives recognise the importance of the ‘soft’ aspects of the integration process – aspects that deal with communications, organisational cultures and structures and so on. Yet too many companies are under-prepared to deal with these aspects of an acquisition.

To help combat this, TIS has extended the range of its TOPSIM® workshops to address specific postmerger integration (PMI) issues. These PMI workshops guide participants through a series of post-merger scenarios, posing particular challenges in the areas of integration planning, expectation setting, organisational culture and communication.

Manoj Kutty, TIS’s president, simulations, commented: “TOPSIM is a management development simulation that was developed over 25 years ago and is now used by over 100 companies and 400 universities worldwide. TOPSIM simulations, deployed in a blended workshop setting, offer the participant an in-depth understanding of functional skills along with managing the business operations within an industry such as banking, insurance, retail, and pharmaceuticals.

“It’s about learning business by doing business – and, where the PMI workshops are concerned, providing a critical learning path for business integration managers.”

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M&A Integration Consultants

Beyond the Arc

For information on Acquisition Integration

A management consulting firm specializing in mergers, acquisitions, M&A integration, postmerger strategic planning, technology mergers, media mergers, and other areas of M&A practice.

M&A Integration Woes Sink Level 3(LVLT)

Cowen’s Tom Watts today downgraded his rating on Level 3 Communications (LVLT) to Neutral from Outperform, noting that the company is taking longer than expected to integrate its recent acquisitions. (Among the company’s recent deals: the $45 million acquisition of Servecast in July, the $135 million purchase of the content delivery network assets of Savvis in January, and the $744 million purchase of Broadwing, also in January.)

“Customers continue to experience provisioning issues, suggesting LVLT’s acquisition integration challenges are continuing,” he writes.

He adds that “LVLT will have difficulty accelerating revenue growth as planned.”

There are a few more details on the Tech Trader Daily blog at Barrons:


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